MCB Auxiliary Alarm Contact

Auxiliary alarm contact
It has two groups of transfer contact(as shown in below figure),when the yellow indicator is at“”,the two groups are auxiliary contacts, when the yellow indicator is at “”,the left one is auxiliary contact, the right one is alarm contact.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Use classes Ue(V) Ie(A) Number of contacts
AC-12 230 2 2 groups of transfer contacts
AC-15 230 1
DC-12 110 0.5

mcb alarm and auxiliary contact

Installation And Use

1. This series of circuit breaker accessories are specially designed for use in conjnction with DAB7 (63 frame) circuit breakers and are not intended to be used alone.

The circuit breaker has the following accessories
Circuit breaker + auxiliary contact; circuit breaker + auxiliary alarm contact; circuit breaker +shunt trip;
circuit breaker + shunt trip + auxiliary contact; circuit breaker + shunt trip + auxiliary alarm contact; circuit breaker + undervoltage trip.

2. The four accessories are installed on the left side of DAB7-63 miniature circuit breakers, the DAB7-OF, DAB7-FB, DAB7-QY are fixed with screws, the DAB7-FL is fixed to both sides with tape, and at the same time can be installed with the guide rail.
3. The mechanical connection between the circuit breaker and DAB7-, DAB7- FB, DAB7- FL, DAB7-QY transmission shaft should be flexible and compatible with the rest of the equipment.
4. After DAB7-QY circuit breaker has been installed, it can only be closed when press the test button. And installer should shut off the circuit breaker and release the test button immediately, thus ensure the installation safely and correctly. Besides, the rated voltage should pass through the undervoltage trip at same time.

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