DAB7 L7 Mini circuit breaker

DAB7-63 L7 Miniature Circuit Breaker (6/10KA Miniature Circuit Breaker), mainly used for protection distribution lines of AC 50Hz / 60Hz, rated voltage of 110V, 230V(220V), 400V (380V), rated current of 1A, 3A, 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 60A and 63A, rated short-circuit breaking capacity is 10KA or below, and used for the lines of not frequent making, breaking and conversion, with overload, short circuit protection. At the same time, the 10KA MCB has a strong auxiliary function modules, such as auxiliary contacts, indication contacts with alarm, shunt release, undervoltage release remote trip control and other modules.
DAB7-63 L7 Miniature Circuit Breaker (6/10KA MCB) complies with standards of IEC60898-1 standard.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Product Model Pole Trip type Rated current
DAB7-63 1P C 63
B:Type B
C:Type C
D:Type D
1:1A 10:10A 32:32A
2:2A 16:16A 40:40A
3:3A 20:20A 50:50A
4:4A 25:25A 63:63A


Normal operating conditions and installation conditions


■ Ambient air temperature of L7 6/10KA Miniature Circuit Breaker: -5℃~40℃, and average temperature in 24h below +35℃.
■ Altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000m.
■ Atmospheric relative humidity at ambient air temperature is + 40℃ for not more than 50%, in the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. Consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel and take special measures.
■ Pollution degree: Ⅱ.
■ Installation conditions: installed in a place without significant impact, vibration, no explosion in the medium.
■ Installation: mounted on the TH35-7.5 rail.
■ Installation category: Ⅱ, Ⅲ.

Product Categories

■ According to the poles, L7 is divided into: single pole, two poles, three poles, four poles and other types;
■ According to the instantaneous tripping current form: C type, D type (B type can be customized when required);
■ According to the rated current: 1A, 2A, 3A, 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 63A;
■ According to the rated voltage: 110V, 230V (220V), 400V (380V) (230V for single pole, 400V for two poles, three poles and four poles);

Description of trip type of DAB7-63 Miniature Circuit Breaker (6/10KA MCB)

Type B: Suitable to provide line protection for resistive load and low sense power distribution system, and line protection of more electronic circuit, commonly used in electric vehicle protection.
Type C: Suitable to provide line protection for inductive load and high sense lighting system, generally referred to as distribution protection.
Type D: Suitable to provide line protection for high inductive load and distribution system with a larger impact current, generally referred to as power protection.

Introduction of poles

The number of poles:
A. Single-pole circuit breakers;
B. Two-pole circuit-breakers with two protective poles;
C. Three-pole circuit-breakers with three protective poles;
D. Four-pole circuit-breakers with four protective poles.

Technical parameters

Rated short - circuit capacity

Rated current Pole Rated voltage(V) Rated short - circuit current(kA)
1~63A 1P 230/400 6/10kA mcb
1~63A 2P、3P、4P 400 6/10kA mcb

Mechanical And Electrical Life

Category Time Operating frequency(time/h) Rated current(A)
Electrical Life 4000 240 6~32
120 40~63
Mechanical Life 10000 240 6~63

Over-current protection characteristics under the environment temperature of 30 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

No. Rated current (A) Initial state Test current Set time Prosrective result Remark
1 6~63 Cold 1.13In t≤1h Non tripping  
2 6~63 Then after the
last test
1.45In t≤1h Tripping The current rise steadily
to a fixed value within 5S
3 In≤32 Cold 2.55In 1s<t<60s Tripping  
In>32 Cold 2.55In 1s<t<120s Tripping  
4 6~63 Cold 5In t≤0.1s Non tripping Type C
10In t<0.1s Tripping
10In t≤0.1s Non tripping Type D
20In t<0.1s Tripping
Trip type Rated current A Rated short - circuit
breaking capacity A
C、D 6≤In≤63 6/10KA mcb 0.45~0.50


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