• DAM10 Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX250

    DAM10 Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX250

    DAM10(NS) series plastic outer covering type circuit breaker is this company uses one of international vanguard technology development new circuit breakers, its fixed insulation voltage is 750V, is suitable in exchanges 50Hz or (60Hz), fixed working voltage 690V and below, fixed operating current 12.5A to in the 630A, electric current, use for to assign the electrical energy, in normal condition mean infrequent closed and using of the separation, and overloads, owes the voltage the protective function when the line and the equipment. Fixed shell rank
    electric current in 400A and following circuit breaker, also may do is the cage electric motor to start not frequently, the revolution interrupts as well as overloads in the electric motor, the short circuit and owes when the voltage protective function. The product conforms to IEC60947-2 standard.