• MCB Under Voltage Release

    MCB Under Voltage Release

    Under voltage release
    The rated voltage is 230V and 400V respectively. The release will break the circuit breaker when the actual voltage is between 70%Ue-35%Ue; the release will prevent the circuit breaker from closing when the actual voltage is below 35%Ue; the release will close the circuit breaker when the actual voltage is between 85%Ue-110%Ue.
  • MCB Shunt Release

    MCB Shunt Release

    Shunt release
    Rated control source voltage(Us)of DAB7-FL shunt release is AC50Hz and 24V to 110V, 110V to 400V,DC 24V to 60V, 110V to 220V, when the applied current voltage is from 70% Us to 110% Us, the shunt release will act reliably and break the circuit breaker.
  • MCB Auxiliary Alarm Contact

    MCB Auxiliary Alarm Contact

    Auxiliary alarm contact
    It has two groups of transfer contact(as shown in below figure),when the yellow indicator is at“”,the two groups are auxiliary contacts, when the yellow indicator is at “”,the left one is auxiliary contact, the right one is alarm contact.