Process Quality

Introduce and independent research and development combined with the production process

Has a research and development, design, manufacturing automation equipment team It has 6 automatic production lines and 20 automatic equipments More than 10 million RMB is invested every year to continuously introduce advanced equipment and promote production automation

Continue to promote lean production In 2015, Shanghai Dada Electric Co.,Ltd was rated as a high-tech enterprise by provincial economy and trade.

Moulded case circuit breaker production continues to improve More than 125--1600 manufacturing lines, the whole process operation standardization.

With Complete Production Center

 Mould Process Center

Parts Process Center

Assembly testing Center

Mold process center

mould center

Parts process center

Automation of riveting


Parts process center

Automation of welding


injection machine


Baklite workshop




Moulded case production line


Main function

Conduct some data of the product for the early stage of new product development

Verify the consistency between design parameters and actual test data during new product development

Cooperate with the quality inspection department to test the chemical and physical properties of the main raw materials, verify the electrical properties of the products, verify the electromagnetic compatibility immunity of the positive energy controller, verify the quality stability of the products, and track the technical indexes of the products

6 Laboratories

Tripping limitis test

Temperature Rise

Aging test

EMC test

Overload test

Short circuit test

tripping limits room
automatic profile projector
EMC test_副本