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Dada invested to expand its production line and modernize their standard workshops in order to optimize the production of high quality circuit breakers. The stamping workshop, spot welding workshop, riveting workshop, injection molding workshop, and assembly workshop are all configured to maximize the production output of outstanding circuit breakers. The factory covers an area greater than 50,000 square meters and supplies an annual output of 400,000 MCCB and 2,000,000 MCB.

Process workshops

punching workshop

Stamping workshop

Welding workshop

Welding workshop


Baklite workshop

Riveting workshop

Riveting workshop

injection machine

Injection workshop

Spot welding

Spot welding workshop

Assembly workshops

assembly 1

Assembly line 1

Assembly 4

Assembly line 4

assembly 3

Assembly line 2

Assembly 5

Assembly line 5

Assembly 2

Assembly line 3

assembly 6

Assembly line 6


pringing machine 1

Automatic printing machine

automatic welding machine

Automatic welding machine

automatic drill machine

Automatic tapping machine

pad printing machine

Automatic printing machine

automatic profile projector

Automatic profile projector

Assembly line4

Automatic endurance testing machine

Automatic printing machine 2

Automatic printing machine


Automatic deburring machine

EMC test

Electromagnetic compatilbility test machine

Detection process

1. Purchased parts / cooperation parts detection, qualified use, unqualified returns

2. Purchase raw materials, qualified warehouse, unqualified returns

3.The raw material is processed, and the test is carried out by punching / tapping / riveting / pressure injection, then the surface treatment is carried out after the inspection is qualified

4. Before the parts are assembled, they are tested for pressure resistance and high-temperature resistance, rework if unqualified

5. Before shipment, the factory inspection is carried out, and the performance is tested.

Testing equipment


Magnetic testing

tripping limits room

Tripping limit testing


Overload testing

零部件检测设备 (3)_副本

parts inspection


Magnetic and Overload testing

零部件检测设备 (2)_副本

parts inspection