DAB7-100 8kA MCB Switch Miniature Circuit Breaker

The DAB7-100 miniature circuit breaker is developed specifically to GB 10963 and IEC60898 standards. The circuit breakers boast outstanding stability, short circuit protection, overload protection, short opening time, and high breaking capacity index all in one miniature design.
The circuit breakers are installed for overload protection of contactors, relays, and other electrical equipment.
Main functions: short circuit protection, overload protection, and electrical isolation.

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Technical parameter of DAB7-100 8kA miniature circuit breaker
Standard of conformity: IEC60898, GB10963
Rated voltage: 230/400V, 50HZ
Rated breaking capacity: 10KA (6-63A), 8KA (80-100A)
Protection grade: IP20
Flame retardant grade: grade2
Endurance (power-driven): no less than 8,000 times of opening
Endurance (manual operation): no less than 20,000times of opening

Mechanical parameters of DAB7-100 8kA miniature circuit breaker
Electric wire: 1~35mm2
Connection mode: There are two kinds of connection, direct connection to the connecting plate, or connected by copper wire
Suitable size for terminal: The thickness of connecting plate is 0.8-2mm, the sectional area of copper conductor is 1-25mm2
Operating temperature: -5~+40℃
Altitude: ≤2000
Relative humidity: +20℃,≤90%; +40℃,≤50%
Class of pollution: 2
Installation method: Using 35mm IEC standard
Installation environment: Avoid obvious shock and vibration
Installation grade: grade II
Guide rail: DIN35guide rail
Installable accessories of DAB7-100 8kA miniature circuit breaker
Auxiliary contact, alarm contact, shunt trip, undervoltage trip, auxiliary contact alarm

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