DAB6-100 Miniature Circuit Breaker

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DAB6-100 is such features as delicate appearance, light weight, excellent and reliableperformance, high breaking capacity, rapid tripping and mounted by rail. Its enclosure and com-ponents adopts high fire-retarding and shock-resistance plastic of long durability. It mainly servesfor protecting the circuits of AC 50Hz, 230V of single pole, 400V of two poles or three or fourpoles from overload or short-circuit, and also for unfrequent making and breaking electricalapparatus and lighting circuit.It conforms with the standards of IEC60947-2.

Technical Features

MCB DAB6-100
For protection of general power distribution (IEC/EN 60898-1)  





Electrical performance

short circuit protection,overload protection,isolationg,control

Rated frequency    f(Hz)


Rated working voltage  Ue(V) AC



Rated current  In(A)


Rated insulated voltage  Ui (V)


Impulse withstand voltage  Uimp( kV)


Instantaneous tripping type DAB6-100N


DAB6-100H B/C/D
Rated short circuit Icn(kA)        DAB6-100N 6
DAB6-100H 10
Release type Thermal magnetic type
Service life(O~C) Mechanical  Actual value 8500
 Standard value 4000
Electrical  Actual value 1500
 Standard value 1000
Connection and installation
Protectiom degree IP20
Wire(mm²) 1~35
Working temperature -5~+40℃
Resistance to humidity and heat Class 2
Altitude above sea ≤2000
Relative humidity +20℃ ,≤90% ;+40℃ ,≤50%
Pollution degree 2
Installation environment Avoid obvious shock and vibration
Installation class ClassⅡ , ClassⅢ
Mounting DIN35 rail
Dimensions(mm)                                            (WxHxL)                                                                                  a 27 54 81 108
b 80 80 80 80
c 73 73 73 73

The Over-Current Protection Property

Ambient Temperature Initial Status Test Current Expected Result Expected Result NOte
40±2oC Cold position 1.05In(In≤63A) t≤1h Non-release -
Cold position 1.05In (In[63A) t≤2h Non-release -
Carried out immedi-ately after previous test 1.30In(In≤63A) t < 1h Release Current smoothlyrises to specified value within 5s
1.30In (In>63A) t < 2h Release
-5~+40oC Cold position 8.00In t≤0.2s Non-release -
Cold position 12.00In t< 0.2s Non-release -

Applicable Conducting Wire

Rated current(A) Nominal cross section of wire mm2
63A 16
80A 25
100A 35


• Two types of overload and short circuit protection.
• Independent contact position indicator.
• DIN rail latch with a double fixed position.
• Wide range of operating temperatures from –40 to +50° С.
• Updated wider engagement lever with improved contact area.
• Notches on terminal clamps provide for lowering thermal losses and boosting the mechanical stability of connection.

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