DAB6LE-63 Series Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker(ELCB)

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• Compact structure, small size, 2 modules wide.
• It has neutral line breaking function, more secure and reliable.
• It has dual-purpose terminal with strong connection ability.
• It has the contact status indicator, easy to identify the contact condition.
• Can be used with a variety of accessories, and used for overvoltage protection.

Physical Parameters Of DAB6LE-63 Residual Current Device

Standard of conformity: IEC61009 (EN61009) and GB16917.1
Sensitivity: type A, type AC
Release type: electronic type
Release time: minimum 10ms delay
Release characteristics: B, C, D characteristic curve
Frame protection grade: IP40 (after installation)
Anti-environmental force: according to the IEC10081L standard
Total endurance: 180,000 times of on-off
Electrical endurance: no less than 6,000 times of on-off
Mechanical endurance: no less than 12,000 times of on-off

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