MCB Enclosure (HAG series)

HAG series of surface box is kind of good-looking outline small volume, easy to install economically modular distribution box.It mainly use for building electric distribution system's installation,matched and house rebuild fitment etc. Application.The max rated current is 63A.

Product Detail

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 Technique parameter  
Distribution box rated current: 1 way to 4 way:50A
  6 way to 18 way:63A
Insutation: Fire-proof type refractory material
Color: Whitie color
standard: accord with IEC X40439-3
Protective Degree  
IEC60529: IP30
  Fire-resistant andanomaly heat abiliy
  IEC60529-1 standard,650C/30sec
Compositian,structure. Removable matte blocks to increase the poles.
The removable various size holes are available on the box of up and down,bottom  in case of connecting wires in and out.

Outline Dimension And Packing Information

MCB enclosure, Way No. Carton
(PCS/CTN) G.W.(kgs/ctn) N.W.(kgs/ctn)
1P 34X130X60 1way 53*45*31 200 17.7 16.6
2P 52X130X60 2way 56*54*36.5 200 20.9 19.8
4P 87X130X60 4way 53*45*31 100 11.6 10.5
6P 125X160X60 6way 63*49*37 90 15.6 14.5
8P 160X160X60 8way 64.49*31 60 12.5 11.4
12P 260X160X60 12way 54.5*35.5*36 20 9 8
18P 365X160X60 18way 76.5*35.5*36 20 11 10

High-Strength Cartons,  Good For Long-Distance Export Transport

HAG II distribution box HAG II distribution box

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