electronic 1600A

  • DAM1 1600 electronic type Moulded case circuit breaker(MCCB)

    DAM1 1600 electronic type Moulded case circuit breaker(MCCB)

    Circuit Breakers with Electronic Over Current Release
    The feature discriminating electronic circuit breakers from thermal-magnetic breakers is to control the over current releases with electronic is circuit. Electronic is control is performed via microprocessor.During design of the electronic circuit,worst possibilities to encounter in operation have been taken into consideration. In high circuit currents, direct opening has been ensured without operating electronic circuit. In this way, possibility of failure in the electronic circuit has been eliminated. -Maximum, minimum, average etc. Values of the drawn current at various time intervals (day-night) can be taken .Rated and Instant opening current adjustment areas of electronic circuit breakers are quite wide. This feature allows wide use opportunity to the breaker Furthermore, electronic circuit breakers are not affected from ambient temperatures.
  • DAM1 1600 Series MCCB ABB ISOMAX

    DAM1 1600 Series MCCB ABB ISOMAX

    Advantages • Easy independent installation of auxiliary devices: Alarm contact; Auxiliary contact; Under voltage release; Shunt release; Handle operating mechanism; Electrical operating mechanism; Plug-in device; Draw-out device;. • Standard set of each circuit breaker consists of connecting busbars or cable lugs, phase separators, a set of screws and nuts for its mounting onto an installation panel. • With the help of special clamp 125 and 160 units can be installed onto a DIN-rail....