• DAM2 Electronic MCCB

    DAM2 Electronic MCCB

    Introduction DAM2E CM1 Electronic adjustable moulded case circuit breaker has three protection function, the circuit breaker with utilization category B connected with other short-circuit protection device in the same circuit has completely optional under short circuit circumstance; With five tripping features, the user can set the equipment through the shunt release according to the load current, electronic shunt release is powered by circuit breaker itself; current signal and control power ...
  • DAM2 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

    DAM2 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

    DAM2 series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is new circuit breakers which have been designed and developed by the company using international advanced technology. The circuit breakers are of the following characteristics: compact size, high breaking capacity, short arc-over distance and shakeproof, is ideal products applied on land or ships.