DAM11 Series Moulded-case Circuit Breaker

DAM11, DAM11LY, DAM11RT, DAM11E and DAM11EY series of circuit breakers are new upgraded circuit breakers researched and developed by the company combined with the advantages of similar international products and demand of domestic and international markets.

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DAM11, DAM11LY, DAM11RT, DAM11E and DAM11EY series of circuit breakers are new upgraded circuit breakers researched and developed by the company combined with the advantages of similar international products and demand of domestic and international markets.
With insulation voltage up to 1000V, the circuit breaker is applicable for distribution systems of AC50Hz, rated working voltage 690V and rated working current from 10A to 800A, used to distribute electric power energy, protect circuits and power equipment against overload, short circuit, under voltage and so on, also can be used for infrequent startup of motor and protect it from overload, short circuit or under voltage.
It is featured with small size, high breaking, short flashover, etc., is the ideal product for users. It can be vertically installed or horizontally installed.
DAM11DC series DC moulded-case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is suitable for DC systems of rated voltage up to and including DC 1000V and rated current 10~800A, used to distribute electric power energy, protect circuits and power equipment against overload, short circuit and so on.
The products can be fed with wires from top and bottom, and it is polarity-free.
It complies with the standards IEC60947-2, GB14048.2, etc.

Product features

Feature 1: current limiting capacity

Current-limiting refers to limit of the increase of short-circuit current in the loop, and in the loop protected by DAM11, peak value of the short-circuit current and the I2t energy in the circuit will be much smaller than the prospective value.

U-shaped fixed contact
Unique U-shaped fixed contact can achieve pre-breaking technology:
The so-called pre-breaking technology refers to when short-circuit current flows through the contact system, electric power generated by U-shaped fixed contact and moving contact is mutual exclusive. The greater the short-circuit current is, the greater the repulsion of the electromotive force, and it is generated together with the short-circuit current at the same time. Before the trip action occurs, the electrodynamic repulsion force can make the fixed and moving contact separation, by increasing the arc to increase the equivalent resistance between them to achieve the purpose of suppressing increase of short-circuit current.

Feature 2: modular accessories

◆ Accessory: For the circuit breakers of the same frame, they has uniform sizes regardless of the breaking capacity and rated current;Accessory: Users can freely 
◆ choose and expand functions of circuit breakers according to their needs
◆ Modular accessories have insulation function, which is easy for hot-line operation and installation.

Feature 3: miniaturized frame

6 frame sizes: 125 type, 160 type, 250 type, 630 type, 800 type,1250type
Rated current of DAM11 series 10A~1250A 


Feature 4: contact repulsion device (patented technology)

The technical scheme adopted by the invention is:
As shown in Figure 1, the new contact device is mainly consisted of fixed contact, moving contact, shaft 1, shaft 2, shaft 3 and springs;
When the circuit breaker is in the closed state, shaft 2 acts on the right side of the spring angle; When the circuit breaker has a large fault current, the moving contact will be subjected to the electric repulsion generated by the current itself, and rotate with the center of shaft 1, when shaft 2 rotates to the top of the spring angle with the moving contact, it makes moving contact to rapidly rotate upwards and quickly break the circuit upon the reaction of spring, it has enhanced the breaking capacity of the product through optimization of the contact structure.


Feature 5: intelligence

Network communication is more convenient. It accesses to Modbus communication system through dedicated connection. DAM11E / DAM11EY with communication function can select monitoring accessories to realize door display, read, set and control.


Feature6: modularized arc extinguishing system 


Feature 7: unification

The six series of DAM11, DAM11LY, DAM11DC, DAM11RT, DAM11E, and DAM11EY under the same frame size have the same dimensions, installation dimensions and appearance style, which is completely unified design.

Ambient and installation conditions


◆ Altitude up to 2000m;
◆ Ambient medium temperature should be within -5℃ to +40℃ (+45℃ for marine products);
◆ It can withstand the effect of damp air;
◆ It can withstand the effect of moulds;
◆ It can withstand the effect of nuclear radiation;
◆ The max inclination is 22.5℃.
◆ It still can work reliably when the ship subjects to normal vibration;
◆ t can still work reliably if the product subjects to the earthquake (4g).
◆ Places where the surrounding medium is free from explosion danger, and far away  from gas or conductive dust that would erode the metal or destroy the insulation;
◆Keep away from rain or snow.  

 Enterprise, and Credit Create Enterprise.

Components of circuit breaker

1 Auxiliary switch 5 Terminal cap 9 Manual operation
2 Alarm switch 6 Phase partition 10 Plug-in type back-board wiring
3 Shunt release 7 Front-board wiring 11  Back-board wiring
4 Undervoltage release 8 Electric operation  



Model selection guide






Product code

Frame size

Current class

Code of control circuit source voltage

Pole number


125 160 250 400 630 800





P: electric operation

3: 3-pole

circuit breaker






Z: rotary handle

4: 4-pole


125 is upgraded type of 63 frame





W: direct operation


160 is upgraded type of 100 frame






250 is upgraded type of 225 frame






630 is upgraded type of 400 frame
















Release type and internal accessory

Rated current (A)


Code of four-pole product

The first digit represents release type


10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50,63, 80, 100, 125

1: power distribution

A: N-pole without protection cannot close or open
2: Has instantaneous release only


63, 80, 100, 125, 140, 160

2: motor protection

B: N-pole without protection can close and open
3: Complex release Note:


100, 125, 140, 160,180, 200, 225, 250

  C: N-pole with protection can close and open
Later two digits are the code of accessories (see accessory table)


250, 300, 315, 350, 400

  D: N-pole with protection cannot close or open


400, 500, 630



500, 630, 700, 800







Accessory voltage

Electric operation voltage

Installation methods

Install wiring board or not

Undervoltage release

Shunt release

Auxiliary alarm

DC1 Electric Operation

DC3 Electric Operation

Q: Front-board

1: No

Q1: AC220V

F1: AC220V

J1: AC125V

D1: AC220V

D5: AC230V

H: Back-board

2: Yes

Q2: AC240V

F2: AC380V

J2: AC250V

D2: AC230V

D6: AC110V

C: Plug-in type


Q3: AC380V

F3: DC110V

J3: DC125V

D3: AC380V

D7: DC220


Q4: AC415V

F4: DC24V

J4: DC24V

D4: AC400V

D8: DC110






D9: AC110-240V






D10: DC100-220V



Note:Adaptable voltages for two electric operations. Please refer to the introduction of external accessory.



Technical data sheet


Panel and function description

Intelligent release panel


Panel adjustment knob as follows in turn:

● IR(A) Isd(x IR) Ii(x IR)
● IR: Overload long delay tripping setting current; Isd: Short-circuit short delay tripping setting current;
● Ii: Short-circuit instantaneous tripping setting current;

The rest parameters are set by factory default, or set by remote communication, as follows:

● tR: Overload long delay setting time, factory default: 60s;
● tsd: Short-circuit short delay setting time, factory default: 0.1s;
● Ip: Overload pre-alarm setting current, factory default: 0.85*IR;

Intelligent communication port (COM):


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