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• Easy independent installation of auxiliary devices:
Alarm contact;
Auxiliary contact;
Under voltage release;
Shunt release;
Handle operating mechanism;
Electrical operating mechanism;
Plug-in device;
Draw-out device;.
•Standard set of each circuit breaker consists of connecting busbars or cable lugs, phase separators, a set of screws and nuts for its mounting ontan installation panel.
•With the help of special clamp 125 and 160 units can be installed onta DIN-rail.
•Weight and dimensions of these circuit breakers are by 10-20% less than that suggested by other home manufacturers. This fact provides for mounting smaller boxes and panels. Besides, small dimensions make it possible tchange old circuit breakers tDAM1.


Moulded case circuit breakers are low-voltage circuit breakers. They meet the installation needs of small users all the way tlarge industrial substations and power distribution systems. They are commonly applied in steel mills, oil platforms, hospitals, railway systems, airports, computing centers, office buildings, convention centers, theaters, skyscrapers, and other large scale structures.

Working Principle

The main contact of the molded case circuit breaker is manual manipulation or electric closing. After the main contact is closed, the free release mechanism locks the main contact intthe closing position. The over current trip coil and the thermal trip element are connected in series with the main circuit. The under voltage release coil and the power supply are connected in parallel.


1 – Power circuit breaker 
2 – Mounting panel (base) for plug-in/draw-out) option 
3 – Side panels fordraw-out option 
4 – Phase separators 
5 – Connecting busbars 
6 – Plug-in contacts 
7 – Blocking unit
8 – Terminal cover 
9 – Casing cover 
10 –Topcover 
11 – Rotary handleoperating mechanism
12 – Electrical operating mechanism
13 – Shuntrelease/under voltagerelease
14 – Auxiliary/Alarm contacts

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