DAL7-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB)

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Technical parameter parameter value

Rated voltage :Un (V) 240V ~ 1P+N,415 V ~ 3P+N
Rated current (A) In: 16 A, 20 A, 25 A, 32 A, A, 40 to 50 A, 63 A
Rated residual operating current I (A): 0.03,0.1,0.3
The number of 1 p + N, 3 p + N
AC type, A type according to the working condition with dc shunt Delay type S type
Rated limiting short circuit current Inc(A) :6000
Rated limiting residual short circuit current I c(A) :6000
Rated switching and breaking capacity Im(A): 500(In 50A), 630 (In = 63A)
Rated residual on and off capacity I m(A): 500(In 50A), 630 (In = 63A)
Rated residual nonoperating current I no: 0.5I n
Tightening torque (N.m): 2.5 ~ 4
Appearance and installation size:
36 degree-0.42(1P+N), 72degree -0.46 (3P+N) ,TH35-7.5 mounting guide
Pollution level: 2
Protection level: IP20
Install category Ⅱ class

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