What is a circuit breaker.
A circuit breaker refers to a power switch device that can turn off, load and turn on the current under the normal circuit standard within the required time period, and can turn off, load and turn on the current under the abnormal circuit standard within the required time period. Circuit breakers are divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage circuit breakers according to their application areas.
Circuit breakers can be used to distribute electromagnetic energy, run multi-threaded motors infrequently, and protect switching power lines and motors. When serious load, short-circuit fault, under-voltage protection and other problems occur, the circuit can be cut off automatically, which is equivalent to the composition of the circuit breaker power switch and the overheat relay. In addition, after the common fault current is cut off, the components generally do not need to be changed. It has been widely used at this stage.
Power distribution equipment is a very important stage in the production, transportation and application of power engineering. The power distribution system includes transformers and various high and low voltage electrical machinery and equipment. Low voltage circuit breakers are a commonly used electrical equipment.
What is the classification of circuit breakers?
According to the number of poles: single-stage, two-pole, three-pole, four-pole, etc.;
According to the installation method: plug-in, mobile, parts cabinet, etc.
Some details:
1. EPD surge protector: The EPD plug-in type adopts the same basic principles and selection specifications as the fixed and stationary surge protection. Surge protection for indirect lightning strikes and immediate lightning strikes or other transient overvoltages.
2. EIC1 DC contactor: It is mainly used to communicate the rated current of AC 50Hz or 60Hz to 660V and below. Capacity electromagnetic induction or mechatronics motor starters.
3. EGL-125 high-voltage isolation switch: isolation switch is the most widely used household appliances in high-voltage circuit breaker household appliances, and plays an isolation role in the circuit. Its principle and structure are relatively simple, but due to the large demand and high stability requirements during work, it has great harm to the design, creation and reliable operation of substations and thermal power plants. The main feature of the water gate is the ability to work without magnetic blowing, and it can only divide and turn off the circuit when there is no load current. EGL-125-4000A is suitable for conversion or safety protection of 2 low-voltage circuits or 2 load machines.
4.EATS3 dual power switch switch: apply 2 switching power supplies to ensure the stability of power distribution. A commodity is reliably converted between 2 switching power supplies. This product has two conversion functions: self-injection and self-recovery and self-injection and non-self-recovery. This is a manual toggle switch. The design scheme is novel and reliable, the automation technology level is high, and the application coverage is wide.
5. EW45 all-round intelligent circuit breaker: It is mainly used to distribute electromagnetic energy and protect routes and power supply equipment from common faults such as load, short-circuit fault, under-voltage protection, and short-circuit fault. Circuit breakers have a variety of intelligent protection functions, alternative protection, accurate posture, prevent many unnecessary power failures, and improve power distribution stability and safety factor.
The above is everything circuit breakers and circuit breakers categorize. In fact, the function of the circuit breaker is to cut off and connect the load circuit, cut off the common fault circuit, avoid the expansion of safety accidents, and ensure safe operation. The high-voltage circuit breaker should cut off the 1500V, the electric current of 1500-2000A, which can be extended to 2m and continue to ignite. Therefore, magnetic blowing is a problem that high-voltage circuit breakers must deal with.
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Post time: Apr-25-2022