Welcome to our blog post where we introduce you to the DAM2E CM1 Electronic Adjustable Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) with triple protection features. This cutting-edge product combines advanced technology and innovative features to provide maximum safety and efficiency. With its unique combination of advantages, the DAM2E CM1 MCCB is a game changer in the circuit breaker world. Read on to learn more about this excellent product and why it should be your first choice for circuit protection.

The DAM2E CM1 MCCB is designed to provide complete circuit protection against short circuits, overloads and other electrical faults. It is equipped with a Class B circuit breaker, providing excellent performance and reliability. This smart device automatically opens the circuit in the event of a fault, ensuring the highest level of safety. With triple protection function, it not only has short circuit protection function, but also has overcurrent and ground fault protection function. This comprehensive approach ensures smooth, uninterrupted power, protecting equipment and personnel.

One of the distinguishing features of the DAM2E CM1 MCCB is its fully selectable short circuit protection. The device is intelligently designed to cooperate with other short-circuit protection devices in the same circuit, enhancing its effectiveness and versatility. This flexibility allows users to tailor protection arrangements to their specific needs and requirements. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial applications, the DAM2E CM1 MCCB can adapt to different scenarios, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution.

The DAM2E CM1 MCCB has five trip functions, allowing the user to optimize the device based on load current. With a shunt trip, users can easily set the desired trip point based on their specific load requirements. This adjustable feature ensures precise and effective protection, minimizing the risk of equipment damage or downtime. In addition, electronic shunt releases are powered by the circuit breaker itself and require no external power supply. This clever integration simplifies installation and maintenance, saving time and resources.

With the DAM2E CM1 MCCB, you can rest assured that your circuit is in a safe condition. The device is equipped with current signal and control power supply directly from the circuit. This seamless integration ensures reliable, accurate operation, reducing the risk of false trips or failures. The DAM2E CM1 MCCB provides a robust and reliable solution for circuit protection, making it ideal for critical applications requiring the highest precision and safety.

To sum up, the DAM2E CM1 electronic adjustable molded case circuit breaker with triple protection function is a disruptive product in the field of circuit breakers. Its innovative features, such as fully selectable short-circuit protection and adjustable trip function, make it a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of applications. The integration of current signals and control power in the circuit further improves its performance and accuracy. When it comes to circuit protection, the DAM2E CM1 MCCB is your safe, reliable and efficient choice.

Post time: Nov-20-2023