4Shanghai DADA Electric Co., Ltd is proud to present its latest product, the DAB6LE-63RCBO. This remarkable innovation combines a high break capacity of 6kA with a compact configuration and small size, making it the ideal choice for any consumer looking for reliable circuit protection.

One of the key features of the DAB6LE-63RCBO is its central line off capacity, which enhances safety and reliability. This function ensures that any faults in the circuit are swiftly identified and isolated, preventing any potential damage to equipment or electrical installations. With the DAB6LE-63RCBO, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected against any electrical mishaps that could affect your daily activities.

Another noteworthy characteristic of the DAB6LE-63RCBO is its duaf function connection terminal. This unique feature simplifies the installation process, allowing for a smooth and well-connected connection. Whether you are a professional electrician or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, the DAB6LE-63RCBO provides a hassle-free and secure connection experience.

The DAB6LE-63RCBO also comes with a contacts condition indicator, which easily identifies the contact information of the device. This indicator saves time and effort by providing clear visual cues, helping users quickly identify the operational status of the product.

With a current range of up to 63A, the DAB6LE-63RCBO provides versatility in its usage. Whether you require circuit protection for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, this device can handle it all. Its wider current range ensures that you can easily meet your specific requirements without any compromise in quality or performance.

Furthermore, the DAB6LE-63RCBO is matchable with a wide range of accessories. This flexibility allows users to customize and enhance their circuit protection system by equipping it with additional features, such as over-voltage protection. This adaptability ensures that the DAB6LE-63RCBO can meet the unique needs of every consumer.

As a product from SHANGHAI DADA ELECTRIC CO., LTD, one of the leading manufacturers in the electrical industry, the DAB6LE-63RCBO exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing high-quality and innovative solutions. Shanghai DADA Electric Co., Ltd has a strong track record in delivering reliable and user-friendly electrical products, and the DAB6LE-63RCBO is no exception.

In conclusion, the DAB6LE-63RCBO by Shanghai DADA Electric Co., Ltd is revolutionizing the circuit protection market. With its high break capacity, compact configuration, central line off capacity, duaf function connection terminal, contacts condition indicator, wider current range, and compatibility with numerous accessories, this product offers unparalleled safety, reliability, and versatility. Join the countless satisfied customers who have already experienced the benefits of the DAB6LE-63RCBO and make it an essential part of your electrical system today.

Post time: Jul-25-2023