In this exhibition, Dada led the latest products and technologies and exhibited the new DAM3 series and the MCB NOVA series. We always wore masks during the exhibition and also welcomed many customers. Despite the outbreak of the epidemic in China, our courage to come out of the exhibition was also admired by customers.


This exhibition, thank you very much for visiting us, and we are very dedicated at the same time and the boss, we believe that our efforts are worth it, we also hope that everyone can overcome the difficulties as soon as possible, the epidemic will be over as soon as possible, all the business can be normal.


Thank you again for coming and visiting our exhibition.


Affected by the epidemic, the following exhibitions may be cancelled one after another, and the exhibition may need to wait until the end of the epidemic.

We will do more online work in the future. Please contact us.Thank you for your support.


Post time: Jan-15-2021