DAB7-LN-40 Come on stage!DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker is a small, high breaking capacity device, widely used in AC 50Hz system with rated voltage of 230V and rated current of 40A. The circuit breaker conforms to IEC61009 standard, has B, C curve trip characteristics, housing width 18mm. This paper will discuss the characteristics and applications of DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker, as well as its advantages and importance in electrical systems.

The product is small and suitable for installation in limited space. Its compact design can be easily integrated into switchboards and switchboards, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications. The DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker is small in size, but has a high breaking capacity of 6KA, which can effectively protect the circuit overload and short circuit.

One of the main features is compliance with IEC61009 standards. This standard ensures that the circuit breaker meets the necessary safety and performance requirements and gives users peace of mind about the reliability and effectiveness of the circuit breaker. By adhering to this standard, DAB7-LN-40 circuit breakers demonstrate their commitment to quality and compliance with industry regulations.

The circuit breaker is designed for AC 50Hz systems with a rated voltage of 230V. This makes it suitable for a variety of electrical devices, including lighting, power distribution and motor control applications. Its 40A current rating further enhances its versatility, enabling it to protect circuits and devices with different power requirements.

In addition to the technical specifications, DAB7-LN-40 circuit breakers are available with a variety of trip characteristics and B and C curve options. Curve B is designed for general application and provides a moderate trip response to prevent overload and short circuits. On the other hand, the C-curve is better suited for applications with higher inrush currents, providing a faster trip response to prevent damage to sensitive equipment.

The 18mm housing width further enhances the flexibility of the DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker, which can be easily installed in a limited space. This compact design is particularly beneficial in retrofit and upgrade projects, where existing electrical panels may have limited space to accommodate new components. The ultra-thin form factor of the DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker simplifies installation and minimizes the need for extensive modifications to the electrical infrastructure.

It plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. Its 6KA high breaking capability enables it to interrupt fault currents and protect downstream equipment from damage. This is especially important in environments where electrical loads are prone to fluctuations and potential overload, as circuit breakers prevent electrical failures and hazards.

In addition, the DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker prevents downtime and equipment damage, helping to improve the overall efficiency of electrical installations. It can quickly and effectively isolate faulty circuits and minimize the impact of electrical faults, thus achieving uninterrupted operation of vital equipment and systems. This not only improves the reliability of the power infrastructure, but also reduces the risk of costly repairs and downtime associated with power failures.

In summary, the DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker is a versatile and reliable component with small size, high breaking capacity and in line with industry standards. It is suitable for AC 50Hz systems with a rated voltage of 230V and a rated current of 40A, making it ideal for a variety of electrical applications. With its compact design, trip characteristics and compliance with safety standards, the DAB7-LN-40 circuit breaker provides an important layer of protection for circuits and equipment, helping to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of electrical systems.


Post time: Jun-29-2024